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Aug 15

Consumer Protection Articles: mortgage fraud, travel scams

National mortgage fraud remains relatively steady, shifts regionally


FTC Publication Fosters Online Safety for Tweens and Teens


10 popular travel scams around the world


Mobile Apps Developer Settles FTC Charges It Violated Children’s Privacy Rule - Company Collected Kids’ Information Without Their Parents’ Consent


Employers turn to tests to weed out job seekers - Some screens may violate law, but applicants rarely have choice

'Mafiaboy' breaks silence, paints 'portrait of a hacker'


60,000 pounds of ground beef recalled due to E. coli fears - Beef was sold at major grocery stores

Some good news at the pump

Cyber-criminals Abusing WordPress’ Popular Extension

Mortgage delinquencies have risen 25% since pre-recession

Personal finance: After one step forward, volatility hits 401(k) plans|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Rev. Billy: High priest of frugality

From Elisabeth Daniels at NV Fight Fraud Taskforce

Aug 08

Consumer Protection Articles: Spam King, Chinese Fakes, when to sue your lender

Should you sue your lender?

Made in China: 10 Business Fakes;_ylt=AgUAjxGEl5FU55wL1N3BphSifqU5

Citigroup said to get California subpoena over mortgage deals

Hacking encouraged, even prized, at Vegas geek fest

Dana Gentry: Medical boards too often give doctors a pass

How Arthur Jones, on the lam for 32 years, met his undoing

Hackers don’t need movie magic to wreak havoc

Top 10 Consumer Complaints

Hacker can shut down Apple MacBook battery

‘Spam king’ is indicted in Nevada

Hands-free devices for cellphone law compliance

From Elisabeth Daniels at NV Fight Fraud Task Force

Aug 04

Consumer Protection Articles

In hard times, scammers find easy marks|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s


US was chief target of cyber attacks: McAfee

'Grandparents scam' still making the rounds in Reno, across the U.S.

6 Common Lies Debt Collectors Will Tell You

5 predatory money pitches to watch out for

Increase in Las Vegas auto thefts blamed on recession, smarter criminals

Escape from the great debt trap

Most online penny auctions just don’t make any sense

From Elisabeth Daniels at NV Fight Fraud Taskforce

Consumer Protection Articles

How to protect your small business against internal fraud

Report: Dangerous links will affect 3 of 10 smartphone users

Meet Dark Tangent, the hacker behind Black Hat and DEF CON

Courts’ self-help center has aided 55,000 people

County should push owners of abandoned homes to take responsibility

What you need to know about apartment-rental season

Firms claim former employees misappropriated proprietary information

Pay mortgage if house is destroyed?

From Elisabeth Daniels at NV Fight Fraud Taskforce 

Tips for Reducing Your Electric Bill This Summer

Advice from NV Energy 


 #1. Blinds are more effective than curtains. 

Curtains are good for shading, but blinds reduce the energy bill.


#2. Solar screens deflect heat better than window film.

 Windows that face south and west receive the heat the longest.


#3.  Give your appliances the afternoon off.

Cooking and doing the laundry add heat to the house.  


#4. Keep hot air out —  and cool air in.

 If you see light in the cracks of the door, cool air is being lost.

Use weather stripping.


#5.  Set the thermostat to 78 to 80 degrees when at home.

When leaving for the day, increase the temperature

by about five degrees.   


#6.  Set the thermostat to 90 - 95 degrees when you go on vacation.

Turn off the AC if you’re leaving for an extended period.


#7.  Check the filters to make sure the AC is not working overtime.

 If it’s gray in color, it’s time to change it out. 

Aug 03

Menu suggestion for Oscar’s Restaurant

Artist’s rendition of Oscar’s opening at The Plaza.

Expected this fall, former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman will open a namesake steakhouse at The Plaza Hotel at Main and Fremont Streets.

A press release says the restaurant will pay homage to ”Goodman’s years as an advisor and private attorney representing high-profile clients that played a role in making Vegas what it is today.”

That’s PR-flunky-speak for “the time Goodman was an attorney for mobsters.”

Details of the menu have not been shared, but we’ll make some suggestions: we think Goodman should name steaks after his clients. Imagine seeing this on the menu:

The Spilotro Sirloin — we’re not sure who did it, but this steak was severly beaten, and is very tender.

The “Lefty” Loin - this cut is the bomb!


Aug 02

Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV) on his visit to Balad, Iraq. The Governor will also visit Kuwait.

Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV) on his visit to Balad, Iraq. The Governor will also visit Kuwait.

Ahead on News 3: Tuesday, August 2:

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The day started with a protest at the Clark County Government building, with people dissatisfied with the Inquest process used to investigate deaths when a police officer is involved. That process is tied up in lawsuits filed by police officers’ unions following recent changes enacted by the County Commission. Those changes were in response to community outrage over the “justified” findings for inquests involving the deaths of Erik Scott and Trevon Cole. Today, commissioners are going to decide what action, if any, they should take now that there is a nine-month backlog of inquests to be held.

Commissioners will also be talking about the ongoing concerns about the “craziness” on the Las Vegas Strip: water vendors, costumed characters, card flippers, “club promoters,” and panhandlers.

Renovations are starting today at Sunset Park. We’ll show you what’s happening.

Crime Tracker 3 will look back 25 years to the case of a missing child from North Las Vegas, and the slim hope of solving the case.

And, of course, we’ll bring you the latest developments on the national debit limit “crisis,” with a focus on our local delegation to Congress.

Aug 01

Consumer Protection Articles

Pickpockets’ new tool? Chopsticks

Bulldoze: The New Way to Foreclose


FTC Charges Marketers with Tricking People Who Applied for Payday Loans; Used Bank Account Information to Charge Consumers for Unwanted Programs

Foreclosure mediation advisory committee

Businesses have role to play in thwarting terror

Sites that help you get the best deal on a new car

FTC Stops Fake ‘Yellow Pages’ Scam; Foreign Operation Targeted Small Businesses and Nonprofits in United States and Other Countries


U.S. homeownership falls to lowest since 1998 on tight lending

From Elisabeth Daniels with the NV Fight Fraud Taskforce